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God’s Brother.Out on Bail.

God’s Brother.

Out on Bail.

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The Fuzzlers Secret Missions Tour:

Dec 27th: Athens, GA - Little Kings
Dec 28th: Secret Missions
Dec 29th: Birmingham, AL - The Forge (Trevor D’s BDAY)
Dec 30th: Secret Missions
Dec 31st: Little Rock, AR - The Main Squeeze
Jan 1st: Secret Missions
Jan 2nd: Fort Worth, TX - 1919 Hemphill
Jan 3rd: Austin, TX - Asstray
Jan 5th: Secret Missions
Jan 6th: Tallahassee, FL - Shark Tank

If anyone can help us out with shows during any of our Secret missions…. That’d be glorious. Anywhere between any of the listed dates.

Come hang out!

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Florida Slimetrail Tour was a BLAST!

Big thanks to: Mr. Clit and the Pink CigarettesKillmamaShantytown PubAshley Street Station,Giggle GiverAustin’s Coffee & FilmThe Shark Tank, and Troma for hangin’ out with us at FLORIDA SUPERCON.

We’ll be back!

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1st Tallahassee FL: The Shark Tank
2nd - Mysterious Adventures… .
3rd - Mysterious Adventures… .
4th - Orlando FL: @I-4 Fest Austin’s Coffee & Film
7th - Jacksonville FL: Shantytown Pub
8th - Valdosta GA: @ashley st station


these will be available.

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Winter Tour Recap PT 1

Hey all: Fuzz-E Here….. 

The Elderfuzz asked me to write a recap of the tour so that none of us forget what happened.
Here goes somethin.

Dec. 27th (Athens GA) - The other Fuzzlers and I met up just before the show and decided to get some drinks and then of course…. some pizza.
Our Oogle friend DJ showed up and surprised us, so that was pretty interesting.
Drank one too many and the show ended up being kind of hazy.
We played sloppy, but it was a blast anyway.
Dreadlocked Battle Women beating on hungry monsters, and scalping god’s brother…. These things happened. The show was intense, and everybody went CRAZY.
We were gifted an orange balloon, and it hovered for the next few days before deflating.
The show was total chaos.
I rapped on the top of the Flicker Piano.

Dec. 28th (Chattanooga TN) - Woke up with all my clothes on, and paint still on my face. Realized my backpack was missing, freaked out and then found out where it was.

After retrieving my B-pack, I loaded my things into the van, Said goodbye to my BattleCats and hit the road.

Middle seat life. That’s what it’s all about.
Moving along the highway, I watched as the flora changed ever so slightly, and the day turned to night.
The neon Chattanooga Choo Choo sign screamed at us as we pulled into the city.
After grabbing some beers at Ziggy’s liquor store, we pulled up to Anarchtica house, and checked things out.
A dank basement with graffiti on the walls and a sheet of foamcore over the door would be our venue of the night.
After a few games of Super Smash Brothers, the bands began playing.
We hung out, danced, and then set up… played and had a blast.
It rained the entire night, but that was no problem. People showed up and all was well.

Our friend Scott gave us a room to stay in and a warning about the house.
It went something like this: “Yeah. You guys can stay. It’s no problem, but…….. .. There’s a dog….. and it WILL bite you… So make sure you pop your head out of the door before exiting in the morning.”
Needless to say… I walked out of the door in the morning, and got charged by a hellbeast.
We all survived though…. .

Dec. 29th (Birmingham AL) - After surviving our encounter with the Hellbeast of Chattanooga we hit the road towards Birmingham.
Upon arrival we met up with our friend Trevor at Waffle House.
From Waffle House we ventured to Love Lady Thrift Store.
If you have the chance to go someday… I’d say do it.
The place is a converted circuit city, and they have everything cheap.
After Lady Love we watched some band practices, and then hit up the Spring St Firehouse.
This venue is great. It’s an old converted firehouse with a wonky old piano, and hilarious posters all over the place.
Randomly throughout the day I had been hiding Mustard Packets in peoples pockets. Eventually everybody got me back, and the game of Mustard Pocket was born.
The show was wild. We left a room completely silent after we played. That was a first for us. Hopefully not a last.
Bham was rad. 

Dec. 30th (Memphis TN) - As we pulled into Memphis, it looked as if we were driving through some sort of post apocalyptic warzone.
Things were looking rough.
We saw a wacky guy dancing along a crosswalk and jabbering on.
Then out of nowhere we were in a swanky neighborhood…. and before we could take that in, we were at the hi-tone.

After a long skate session in the parking lot, we ran into Willy.
Willy became a goof friend right off the bat.
A 50+ year Memphis homeless man with lots and lots of hilarious stories.
As we were talking to willy, the wacky dancing guy showed up.
He went by the name Dancing Jimmy, and he had moves to die for.
He danced and danced and danced until the cops came.
Dancing is not a crime!!!

So………. The show here really isn’t worth writing about.
We got free pizza and beer, but the crowd wasn’t feelin us.
They all stayed seated, and didn’t participate in any Fuzzling.
A pregnant lady got mad at us as well.
Too bad. :)
We slept in the van in a Walmart Parking lot.

Dec. 31st (Houston TX) - I slept a lot on this ride. Not much to say about the drive itself…….. Well… There were firework stands open EVERYWHERE.
Sadly we didn’t purchase any. Maybe next time.

Two giant grinning faces greet you as you pull up to the Super Happy Fun Land Warehouse. When you enter…… Your mind……….. is blown.
Enormous Cabbage patch kid statues, Raggedy Ann’s and murals of every kind are EVERYWHERE. The place felt like if my mind materialized in a warehouse.
It’s beautiful. 
Brian and Olivia treated us like royalty.
We were giving all the Cheese, black eyed peas, cornbread, crackers and alcohol we could’ve wished for.
Before the show we chowed down and watched a bunch of funny videos on the GIANT PROJECTOR SCREEN.
C-fuzz hopped into the Flakeys Pizza truck and made some pies for everybody.
We then had our minds blown by Solar Temple and The Annoysters.
We counted down to New Years with a million bottles of Champagne.
Met a wonderful Battlecat, and skated a bit.
Super Happy Fun Land is one of my favorite places ever.
I’m running into writers block right now, so I’ll finish the rest of the dates in a PT 2. 

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  • Dec 27th - Athens, GA (Flicker Bar)263 W. Washington St, Athens, GA 30601-2754.
  • Dec 28th - Chattanooga, TN (Anarchtica House - 621 Bell Ave) CAVE IN THE AM
  • Dec 29th - Birmingham, AL (Spring St Firehouse - 412 41st south.)
  • Dec 30th - Memphis, TN ( The Hi-Tone: 1913 Poplar Ave)  W/ CapGun
  • Dec 31st - Houston, TX (SuperHappyFunLand 3801 Polk Street, Houston TX 77003)
  • Jan 1st - Austin, TX (Unicornicopia house 2200 santa rita st. 78702. austin. tx)
  • Jan 2nd - DAY OFF (What Should We Do?)
  • Jan 3rd - New Orleans, LA (Banks St Bar- 4401 Banks Street, New Orleans, Louisiana  )
  • Jan 4th - Panama City (The Fuzzlers + Scumbag Dad *confirmed for 1/4 @ A&M Theatre / 563 Harrison Ave / PC, FL 32401 — All Ages / $5 / Doors 8pm cst / Show 9pm cst)
  • Jan 5th - Tallahassee, FL (Shark Tank)
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